I just scored this cookbook through a promotion online!  It was a "commerative edition" with a beautiful gold label that reads "With gratitude and recognition for the sacrifices of our American Hero family in service to our country...."

I found it on a website, ordered it (I think it was free or paid shipping only).  While looking through it last night the freezer meal wheels started turning!!!

I know I have been absent a bit ....the move...the deployment...the summer....tonsilectomy.....time got away from me.  My friends and I are firing up our stoves in a few weeks to start our freezer meal cooking co-op again so look for recipes to start coming!!!

In the meantime, check your library for this book!  Great read!!!!

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  1. So looking forward to reading more about your freezer days - I'm keeping tabs so as soon as we head on from China I will be able to come back to some great recipes!!