Open faced pizza burger... honor of the pantry challenge I am still trying to do I thought how easy this would be for a freezer meal.

I have read several blogs who brown multiple pounds of beef (or Nichole, use turkey :) ) with some onions and baggie it in quart baggies in the freezer. I was doing my make ahead meals the other day (that I swap with friends) and ended up with some extra browned ground beef (that had onions in it). I put it in the fridge with "let's see what I can do with this this week" attitude. WELL! Let me tell you.....we made PIZZA BURGERS!

Open-faced pizza burgers
1 8oz can of tomato sauce (add a little italian seasoning)
left over ground beef with onions (or 1 qt baggie from the freezer from your own freezer meal planning)
Stir together
Heat beef mixture in microwave for one minute until warm
Spread on 1/2 of hamburger bun and top with mozzarella cheese
Broil under broiler until cheese bubbles and begins to brown
Your meal is ready in under 20minutes! Beat THAT RR :) ha!

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