Why cook for the freezer?

When making freezer meals one can take an 8 hour day and prepare a month's worth of meals in the freezer, or (like I do) when making a meal for dinner strategize how I can make one extra meal out of the same ingredients that can wait in the freezer for the unexpected company, the night of "do I really have to cook?" or for the neighbor who needs the extra hand because of their own life circumstances!

In our busy lives who doesn't want a meal in the freezer they can go to the night before, throw in the fridge to thaw. In the morning the meal can be put in the crock pot or your pre-teen/teenager can throw in the oven after school for a meal on the table in minutes with little to no preparation the day it's served!! Gotta love it!

Some friends and I started a small freezer meal co-op and we pull recipes from here, there and everywhere. Some of us are even creative enough to make up a recipe or two of our own to throw in the mix. Check back for regular updates and additions.

Please send comments or photos of your own masterpieces! I love suggestions and ideas!

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