How do I get started freezer cooking?

I often get asked "I don't know how to get started with making freezer meals, seems like a lot of work."  Getting your 'inventory' going in your freezer is easy if you plan ahead. 

There are two ways to get started:

1.  Plan one day where you can dedicate 6-8 hours (that includes prep and clean up), pick 3 or 4 of your family's favorite recipes and begin!  Plan to make 2 meals for each recipe (so you end the day with 6 or 8 meals in the freezer).  I found meatloaf to be a great starter.  Mix your ingredients, place the ground beef mixture in a gallon size freezer bag ( you can roll or flatten bag depending on your storage capacity and limits ).  That way on cooking day, you thaw the mixture overnight in the fridge, place contents in your loaf pan of choice...bake!  Little to no clean up or prep time and you have a good/homemade meal on the table with very little effort.  While you might not each all 6 or 8 meals (however many you make) in the same month, if your freezer space allows, it lets you get started on a freezer inventory.

2.  Another way to get started is to double each of your recipes over the course of one week.  If dedicating 6 or 8 hours in one day is too much to commit to  for you, plan on doubling your recipes the next week or two and freezing one of the meals you make.  In one to two weeks you will have 8-10 meals in the freezer to get started!

While I call it "easy" you do have to plan a little.  Plan a little extra in your grocery budget (for the doubled recipes), plan for the time to prepare an extra meal or two, and plan to have the freezer space necessary to store your goods.  I have a good friend who uses a college size deep freeze (resembles the college size refrigerator).  She makes all the recipes she can and freezes them flat in a gallon size zip loc and can easily get 20+ meals in that little's pretty amazing to see! 

Again, it takes some effort to get started but if you enjoy home cooked meals and are looking to spend a little less on eating out...give it a try!  Feel free to "comment" questions or other and I will answer away!


  1. I love make ahead dinners and I love my MAD group. Cooking is a wonderful thing. Thanks Sarah for inspiring me. I hope to start a group once we move.

  2. Thanks Katherine! Truly is a fun hobby for me.

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